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global free trade and are supposed to be the fathers of the so-called neoliberalism. Marx, Karl, Das Kapital, 1867. Barnes, Peter, Capitalism.0, A Guide to Reclaiming the Commons, San Francisco 2006, m Dill, Alexander, Reclaiming the Hidden Assets, Towards a Global Freeware Index, Global Freeware Research Paper 01-07, 2007, m Fehr Ernst, Schmidt, Klaus., The Economics Of Fairness, Reciprocity and Altruism. The ancient economy was mainly based on subsistence farming. (A builder and a dressmaker would be workers in the secondary degree.) At this stage the associated industrial economy is also sub-divided into several economic sectors (also called industries ). However, the prevailing view was that held by John Maynard Keynes (18831946 who argued for a stronger control of the markets by the state. Hey les keums, je suis un black en forme de 31 ans dans le Sud de la France souvent sur Marseille pour le boulot. (A shopkeeper and an accountant would be workers in the tertiary degree.) Quaternary stage/degree of the economy : Involves the research and development needed to produce products from natural resources and their subsequent by-products.


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